Unofficial Bio – Meg Geddes

I've been watching idiots online since 1985.

Fun things to know and tell:

  • Formal schooling ended after 9th grade, although I did go back and get my GED some years later, just to see if I could. Scored 1st in state.
  • Was selling used DEC minicomputers and mainframes by the time I was 16.
  • Spent two weeks (as a teenager) running around the South with The Ramones. I called in sick to work every day and my parents and employer never knew.
  • Have extensive collections of snow globes and Godzilla movies (including the ones never dubbed nor released in the US).
  • Own approximately 4500 record albums, 1500 45's, and I don't know how many CDs, cassettes and 8-Track tapes (seriously, how many goddam formats do I have to buy?)
  • I used to work the door and DJ at a punk bar in Detroit (Hamtramck) called Lili's 21.  I transferred most of one of my most popular Punk Mixes to spotify; go ahead and give it a spin. I have a number of other public playlists as well; type in

    in the Spotify searchbox to find me.
  • I have built all my own computers from the motherboard up for the past twenty years (until I moved to laptops).
  • I inhale books, usually three or four at a time.
  • I once hosted a dinner party for Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders in my home.
  • I have only been arrested once, but there are extensive government files on me due to various activities and associations.
  • Used to manage a (now defunct) southern rock band made up of former members of Blackfoot, Molly Hatchet and Lynyrd Skynyrd.
  • I'm a mediocre photographer of bands and concerts.
  • I really like to blow shit up.
  • Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols once nearly broke my hand.
  • All my servers are named after X-Files characters
  • My name is NOT Megan, but my initials are M.E.G.