My Playlists on Spotify

I'm kind of a closet DJ. I've been putting mixes together as long as I can remember - mix tapes in the old days, and mix CDs when I worked at Lili's 21, a punk bar in Hamtramck. So when Spotify came along, it was natural to transfer some of my activities there - and it's a lot less work, too. I'm going to publish assorted mixes from time to time; feel free to peruse, suggest additions, or just follow me on Spotify. Let me know what you think of what I've put together.

Twenty Five Songs About Rain

Sitting here listening to a thunderstorm, and I wondered how many different songs about rain I could collect in five minutes. Here's the spotify playlist. I haven't sorted it in the exact mix I want (and I'll probably add to it eventually) but like I said – I wanted to see what I could come up with in five minutes. Maybe seven. Enjoy. If you think of any I missed, please comment; if I can find them on spotify, I'll add them.

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A Very Netmeg Christmas

Even the cat likes 'em.

Here's my Christmas playlist for Spotify. It includes tracks from my favorite Christmas album (the Mason Williams), soundtrack cuts from favorite TV shows (The Grinch, Rudolph, Charlie Brown), some Mormons, and South Park (NSFW)  Enjoy. If you subscribe, I'll probably be adding more stuff as I have time to find it.

For best results, set on shuffle.

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