eBay Says AdWords Doesn’t Work

Recently there's been a bit of a foof about eBay releasing a paper claiming AdWords ads don't work. Those of us who actually know something about the program believe that eBay's use of AdWords just plain sucks. I happen to fall into that category myself.

I give you Exhibit A:

Which ones of you bastards gave me less than five stars??

Which one of you bastids gave me less than five stars??


  1. Bobby Renzabi says

    One of the funnier things about this is if you go to the Features page for SEM rush, on one of the images on that page touting their ability to spy on competitors’ PPC ads, they actually use a screenshot of ebay’s PPC ads to illustrate how useful SEMRush features are.


  2. Fee Bay – consider the source.

  3. Ebay is false. Adwords works well if used correctly.


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