It’s All About Me


Various things have been said about me (and to me) over the years, mostly on forums, BBS and conferencing systems.  Assembled here are some of my favorites:


“…a social media napalm bomb…”

Detroit Free Press


“Morally and intellectually bankrupt…”

RC – public access conferencing system


“If you didn't have a modem, you wouldn't have a personality…”

RS – public access conferencing system picnic


“Probably an undercover FBI Agent sent to report back on what we're doing…”

MM – System administrator on public access conferencing system


“Our own Joe McCarthy…”

RC again (this dude really didn't like me)


“Definitely a fake…”

OG – public access conferencing system


For a good time, call…”

MES – posted to all soc.* Usenet groups


“Shit slinging socio-path…”

System administrator of a Detroit music forum


Also voted #3 for Most Stupid Post On the Entire Internet for a Usenet post defending Mark Ethan Smith's right to use the personal pronoun of his choice.

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